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What I do

everything I photograph.

What do I photograph: People

Maternity, Baby & Family

Time flies by so fast. It is important to capture those milestones in a family life, or just get a family picture together. The sessions can be done in studio or on location. Baby’s journey begins with a session with mom-to-be and the baby bump. The newborn session is an adventure with the little one. Their bodies are still flexible and can be posed in the cutest ways. As the family grows add to your photos with group shots and portraits.


A formal portrait captures your personality with an artistic representation of a person’s attitude. Portrait photography is about much more than a snapshot of somebody’s face; it’s about capturing the essence of a person’s identity and attitude.


No matter where or when your event is, I can cover all the aspects of it. This includes corporate functions, birthday parties, fashion shows, media functions, and charity events.


Where do I photograph?


I have a small studio in Pretoria where I do family shoots, newborn and baby shoots, kids and teens, model portfolios and fashion shoots. I have various coloured backgrounds, different textured fabrics and a whole lot of props as needed. Studio lights uses no/little ambient light, so the time of day is not important for the shoot.

My use professional studio lighting equipment with a variety of diffusers and modifiers to get different effects. The studio is air-conditioned to counteract the  heat of the lights and to keep my clients comfortable.

On Location

All my gear can also be packed up and taken on location when needed. I use it for functions, school photos, events and fashion location shoots. Outdoor locations have an informal feel compared to the styles studio. I use flash or various studio lights where needed.


Newborn Baby Photography

From as little as R1 400

See portfolio
From as little as R1 400

Capture Your Family in Studio

From R1 000 for an hour session

can you wait?
From R1 000 for an hour session


some of my favorite images.






Kids Family

Matric Farewell

Boudoir, Glamour

Model Portfolio






Matric Farewell.

R1 800

The last party of your school journey is finally here. The clothing, car and date is important to you. Get the photos taken in the studio or at a location of your choice.

Party Dress


R1 000

Photography in studio captures your image in an artistic way that differs much from natural light photos. Shadows sculpt the face and the amount of detail in the shots makes the facial features shine.

magazine cover


R1 800

Location photos is at any venue of your choice. Many need permission or a fee payable. The cots is more that studio photos, since I have to travel and setup take time. I use off-camera flashes to light the scene and contrast the ambient light. The best time for location photography is the two hours before sunset. Cost is from R1800 for a 90 minute session.



R1 200 - R1 800

Maternity photography can be done in the studio for a more artistic and formal effect. The session is an hour and cost is R1 200. If you wish to do some body or skin photos of your bump, this is the one for you.

Location sessions are 90minutes and cost R1800. They are more fun and informal. For any of the sessions, you may bring the family along for family photos together.

New Arrival


R1400 - R 1800

Newborn photography is best done in the first 10 days after birth when they are flexible and sleeping all the time. It can be done up to six weeks.

The cost is R1 400 in studio and R1 800 at your home. The session lasts about 3 hours to get baby fed and sleeping.

Little bundle of joy


R 1800 ph

Birthday parties, corporate events, Christmas parties, kitchen and stork teas, concerts, etc.

Photo Booth Anyone?

About Me

I photograph people.

About Me

Hallo, I am Annalene, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Pretoria. I love to photograph people in the studio or on location.

Photography – I am one of those lucky people whose hobby and passion became their job. Photography was part of my life since childhood, and when I started photographing people I was finally in my element.

Most people hate having their photo taken. This is easy to understand: photography can be very invasive, and the results are rarely pleasing due to the distortion in small cameras.  This leads people to think they are not photogenic. The professional photographer knows better. It is their job to break down these barriers and find the beauty of the subject.

As a photographer I see the world for what it can be. In the photographic world, every client and place has the potential to become an amazing artwork. I love telling the story of  people and the stages in their lives. My camera tells a version of the truth, like a memory where all you remember are the good times. My style is classic with a dash of fashion photography.

I have a small studio that I use for baby, family and model shoots. Most of the time I travel and photograph on location.


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    Moments by Annalene Studio .

    My studio is located in Kilner Park, Pretoria. Please contact me at 072 6036368 for an appointment.